Valentine’s Day with my Bae ♥


Last Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I went to The Suite Room in their main branch in Ramos. It’s just situated beside Casa Verde. Their second branch is in 4th level garden view area at Ayala Center Cebu’s new wing.


Their ambiance is so nice. We chose the Ramos branch because it was Valentines day then possible that in Ayala will be populated and there might be many people also want to dine in there.


When we got there. There were only four of us (two couples to be exact). See! It’s like we just owned the place. We went there early because my partner has his shift after our date.

Baby back ribs served with shredded corn, side salad and rice, 588php
Bistro steak comes with a rice and choice of sauce, 395php

My partner ordered his all-time favorite Baby back ribs. He never thought that their serving is just as big as that. He thought it’s just the same baby back ribs in Casa Verde but no, they have the bigger serving. The Bistro steak is just the same serving in Casa Verde. All their dishes is served with veggies.

Hi Beb! ♥
Please don’t mind my shoulder 😛

All is well! The ambiance, the food, the price, their service is so perfect! If you are looking for a place for intimate dining together with your love one, add The Suite Room in your list.

The Suite Room – Ramos

#69 Lim Tian Teng Street, Ramos, Cebu City
Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm
Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Card


Hermit’s Cove

Farmhouse in Aloguinsan it is also there Tourism office

Last February, me and my friends went to Aloguinsan in Hermit’s cove. We gathered in South Bus Terminal and we arrived there at 7:00 am in the morning.


Before the habal-habal driver will bring you to Hermit’s cove, you need to stop over in Farmhouse which is also their Tourism office where the people who will go there (also the people going to Hidden Beach and Bojo River) to fill up something and pay registration fee.

The island across Aloguinsan shoreline is the Negros Island

The road going there is kind a scary and dangerous. The road is littered with loose gravel. If you’re driving a motorbike, please take extra caution.

Arrived the place at 7:00am

When we reached there, we need to attend and listen first to the orientation of Manang Odie who is one of the caretakers. Orientation for rules and regulation of the place. After that we paid the entrance fee 100 PHP.

Let’s start the Boodle fight!

When we arrived there, we directly left our things in our cottage and prepared our food. Some of the gang takes a lot pictures and changed clothes.

Tañon Strait

There were “bangkeros” who urged us to have an island hopping for 100 PHP per person. We accepted it and there we went to Tañon Strait. It is 15-20 mins from Hermit’s cove. We didn’t take too long there so we went back to the beach.

There were also selling foods and viands in the place.

IMG_4545According to Manang Odie, Hermit’s cove the place was discovered by a hermit and his name is Tabogon so the name of the barangay is Kantabogon for short for Cebuano phrase, “Kang Tabogon” which means owned by Tabogon.

Hermit’s Cove
Barangay Kantabogon, Aloguinsan, Cebu
Kantabogon Eco-Tourism Association (KEA) – 09235042066
Aloguinsan Municipal Tourism Office – 4699312

Rodeo Grill Barbeque and Sizzlers

Mine and Evelou’s favorites ♥

I had my first visit in their old branch located in Archbishop Reyes Ave. that was near in Ayala Center Cebu at the back of Hotel Elizabeth. Me and my family were loyal customers of Rodeo Grill. Because before most of their crews were my neighbors and their food is affordable. Their interior theme is a Wild wild west or Western like cowboys. The crews wearing red checkered polo and boots. Yes! There was this one time when this girl wearing red checkered polo entered the place, but she didn’t bother anyway, but most of the people there staring at her.

Rodeo Grill’s Best seller – Texas Sizzling Chicken – 169 php
Arkansas Tender Ribs – 269 php for Man size while 199 php for Girl size

Lasso Noodles – 129 php
(Left) Country Chicken Wings meal – 169 php (Right) Rodeo Grill Lechon de Cebu meal – 159 php
Rodeo Grill is certainly the best place to dine when you’re looking for good food, affordable price and large servings. Their meal consists of the main course, two cups of rice and your drink of choice. They prepare your orders in presto and seamless.


So what are you waiting for? Have you tried there? How was it?


Rodeo Grill Barbecue + Sizzlers

2nd Level, SM City Cebu
Operating Hours: 10am – 9pm
Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Card

Rancho Cancio


Rancho Cancio is a private owned rest house which is situated in Barangay Adlanon, Busay Cebu City and just a few meters away from Ayala Heights. When we arrived there, we felt so relaxed because of the place. It’s so peaceful and tranquil that all you can hear were birds chirping and the owner’s dog howling.

Selfie ta oy!
Selfie ta baa! Artiha oyyyy!
Our first picture when we arrived near the infinity pool
That’s our financer *joke* ☺


I really love the place besides that it’s so relaxing, the view is worth a selfie. Actually, that picture above when I took it, I stood in the edge part of the pool. Yes, while my feet is shaking hahaha! ☺ The place was so cold when we got there since it’s in the mountainous part of Busay. And at night it is colder because it was drizzling that time that most of us off to sleep early after we ate our dinner. The things we didn’t like is the food. Before we went there we have to order our food while during the reservation. They have small servings, especially the rice hahaha! (Rice is life.) Luckily, we brought some snacks, cup noodles and coffee with us. Also the map they sent to us. If you will notice the map you can say that it’s just near Ayala Heights but when we went there it’s far from there. There’s no problem for some of us because we rode in their authorize van but we still have colleagues followed us in the afternoon because they still have work when we checked in.

Finally, he owned the pool


Getting there, from JY Square Mall head to Busay thru Transcentral Highway. You can charter a private van from the resort. The owners can also give direct details on how to get there.

We had this place all to ourselves.

Note: The owner prefers that their contact details should not be posted since they want to maintain their privacy and exclusiveness. So if you have questions or want to make a reservation, you may shoot your message to

LifeDance 2016


Every year before Sinulog festival, there were many events lined-up and one of it was Lifedance. Last January 2016 was our first time me and my friends to attend one. We had plans before to attend, but you know most of us were so busy with our life. And here it is, we really did it!


LifeDance, the country’s first ever outdoor EDM Party, kicked off its premiere event in Cebu; drawing an enormous number of people to the Boardwalk Complex last May 26, 2012. This was followed by another on January 18, 2013 dubbed as Life Dance Sinulog: Circus of Life and May 25, 2013 entitled Life Dance Wicked Summer. Life Dance is inspired by renowned dance parties around the world such as Tomorrowland, Zoukout, Sensation, ULTRA and Coachella that have garnered a huge following over the years.

We had just drank one plastic cup of beer which cost 100 PHP,  but before we went to the event we drank in 7/11 near to the venue.
Photo op with Korean party pips! 😀


We arrived 10:00 pm at the venue and as expected, there were already tons of people gathered there. Most of them were already wasted, but still hype with the rave. When we arrived, it was Tom Swoon already on the stage.

Right after Tom Swoon, was the most awaited DJ. It’s DJ Snake! Yes, DJ Snake. That time I’m so excited to watch him because of his song Middle with collaboration with Bipolar Sunshine.


The people were so insane. They danced and sung their hearts out as DJ Snake played his songs with matching fireworks on the side. Of course me too, I sang along when Middle was played. I love this song because it’s so smooth and chill to hear. It’s so calm that it fits to listen during cold summer nights.

I took a video of my favorite part of the song and the people too enjoyed it *sorry for my interrupting voice* ☺

LifeDance Sinulog 2016
 is co-presented by FOX, Star World, FOX Filipino, Channel V Philippines and Smart. For more updates, check out the event’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to add to your social media posts the hashtags #LifeDanceCebu

Be Happy at BE!


Last November, me and my boyfriend celebrated our first at BE Resort Mactan. We availed of their Day use promo because we had a work on the night that day. It was worth 3487 PHP inclusive of room accommodation, use of resort facilities, set of lunch (appetizer, main course and dessert) and one round of drinks but if without the room accommodation it’s only 899 PHP per pax. When we went there, we were the only customers there. We really own the place. Thank you BE! 😀

We stayed here – BE CHIC. Photo Credits:


The resort is so Instagramable. The colors in their rooms are so cool in the eyes. The place is also clean and cozy.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset
This was so unexpected. Honestly, my boyfriend always teases me that he will never give me flowers because its just a waste of money but there “TADA”!

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Most of the furniture in the resort are creations of famous Cebuano Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue.


About his verdict? He was also happy how we celebrated our day. Hi lablab! ♥


Be Resort gives a tropical feeling and a budget  friendly than other resorts that I’ve been. Its simplicity and elegance made me decide to certainly go back here and try to stay for a night. Maybe this summer? How about you? What’s your plan this summer?


Be Resort Mactan

Punta Engaño Mactan Lapu-Lapu Cebu, 6015
Phone Number/s: +63 32.236.8888
Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Card

Sizzling Pepper Steak

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

My friends working near in Ayala introduced me to Sizzling Pepper Steak because it opens early in the morning, then when we tried it, it’s also affordable. Me and my friends tried their group meals offered.


We went back again but with my other half. We ordered the breakfast meal for two. The meal includes the choice of soup, the sizzling of your choice and iced tea drink.

When I had my first time here I’m so curious about what that gray tube is. Then when our sizzling orders arrived, it turned on so eventually I realized its an exhaust. ^.^

Their location is in Ayala Center Cebu, The Terraces. Just right beside Breadtalk and The Pancake House. When we arrived there, we were the only customers during that time because it’s still 7 am in the morning that time.

Egg drop soup
That’s my order, Beef Pepper Rice ♥ *My favorite!* ^.^
My date ^.^ ♥

I love their place. Their food is so affordable. Price ranges from 150-600 PHP. So what are you waiting for!

Sizzling Pepper Steak is a casual Japanese themed steak restaurant, steaks served on a hot plate. It is a sister company of Pancake House and Teriyaki Boy.


Sizzling Pepper Steak

Ayala Center Cebu, The Terrace
Operating Hours: 7am – 10pm
Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Card



Last January 24 me and my cousins decided to go for canyoneering downstream at Canlaob River in Alegria going down to Kawasan Falls in Badian together with our cousins from New Zealand. It is once in a lifetime that they have gone back here in the country and they want to have a bonding with other cousins in an adventure way and most of them go for canyoneering. Yikes!

Canyoning (‘canyoneering in the U.S.) is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming.

From Wikipedia

It is now popular here in Cebu especially for the adventurous people.

I’m nervous already *.*

For those who were afraid of heights and jumping down on a high fall it is discouraged to do the activity. Really, I’m so nervous during that time when we were going to the first jump off.

We’re ready! #TeamGupok. Me? I’m okay na lang 😀
Second jump-off (5 feet)


Picture before sliding down.





What I wear:

  • Rashguard
  • Capri size leggings
  • Tribal outdoor slippers with strap
  • Lastly, Wear something light and comfortable


What to do:

  • Always follow your guide
  • Be careful in jumping
  • Face your fears.
  • Enjoy the moment!


I prefer to wear long sleeves because I’m afraid I might get scrapes and cuts from the rocks. Be sure you remove all your accessories and jewelries that you’re wearing.  Then our gears like the life jackets and helmets were provided by our guides. It’s advisable to contact your guides in advance so that there will no be hassle when you arrive at the place.


Actually, during the activity I was more excited in sliding down than jumping off because of the adrenaline rush. ^___^  I’m more tired during the long trek, especially in crossing rivers because of the rocks beneath.

After 48 years, TADA! Finally, we arrived at Kawasan Falls. You can eat your lunch, but for us. We prefer to eat our lunch elsewhere besides during that time there were lots of people in the place especially on the first falls.


It’s definitely a must try adventure here in Cebu. Have you done canyoneering? Share us your story. 🙂

My Epic Valentines for Him ♥

Every Valentines’ Day, me and my other half used to give gifts and dinner date anywhere. My bf doesn’t want me to give something for him I don’t know why. HAHAHAHAHA! But usually when I give gifts to him I give it in an epic and funny way. Like for instance, last Christmas I gave him a Bluetooth speaker. I asked his sister to set it up on his room, then he suddenly arrived and entered into his room, his sister played the Minion song (Bababananana!) and to his surprise, he found a Xmas card in the box of the speaker. Then, he immediately thinks of me. He really knew me a lot. Yes that’s me. Crazy huh?


This is the MC JIM classic leather long wallet, I gave to him.

First, on thinking how will I give it to him. I search a lot. I thought of following Ching’s idea on her blog, but I had so little time. So I used the free pitcher which I won in an event in SM Cebu. HAHAHAHA!

Pictures below shows how I troll my guy:

I wrapped the wallet with a paper napkin from Jollibee. It still smells good because of the scent of french fries. Yay!
When I put the wrapped wallet in the pitcher and put some trash papers and napkins inside it.
Posting an effortless sticky note. Effortless indeed 😀


I’m done! Problem here is how will I set this up to surprise him.



Presto! His team lead helped me because he had a rest day over time during Valentines’. He’s the one who kept and put the pitcher in my boyf’s station.

After our date in Anzani, he directly went to work, then he saw the pitcher in his station. He immediately asked me why pitcher? How will I use this? He really didn’t open it right away because he’s still figuring out on why did I give him a pitcher? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Later on when he opened it, he’s so happy that he will be having a new wallet.

One of the most epic slash fun slash prank I tried to him. HAHAHAHA! How about you? How you guys celebrated the Hearts day? How was it? Me? Well its obvious I really had fun when I’m with him. *Tsar!* ♥

Happy Valentines’ Day! ♥

Zark’s Burger is finally here in Cebu

Finally! The long wait is over. Zark’s Burger opens its new branch in SM Cebu. *Yay!* Before our Tita will fly to US, me and my boyfriend invited her to try Zark’s for lunch.

I noticed first of Zark’s Burgers at Facebook. They’re tempting burgers caught my attention and I checked its page, then there I found out on later part last year that they will open another branch here in Cebu.

There were still no people when we arrive at 10 o’clock in the morning of course the mall just opened that time. Then suddenly before we leave the place, the customers were increasing.

collageThe menu *Apologies on how I took a picture of the Menu*

It took some time for us to give out our orders. We wanted to try everything! Most of their burgers are offered with drinks and fries. They also offers for bottomless or regular drinks.

On the table:

Nacho Galore (100 php) – Tortilla chips topped with cheese sauce and home-made tomato salsa on the side.
Jawbreaker (250 php) – Triple cheeseburger with Spam, bacon and overflowing cheese sauce on top.


Tombstone (555 php) – Two-pound cheeseburger covered with cheese sauce and served with 300 grams of fries!
WARNING: This might kill you on the spot.


I really love their burgers, especially their patties, it’s so thick compared to the burgers even its quarter pounder offered in other fast foods.

Zark’s Burgers is located at SM Cebu Upper Ground floor near Sunburst and Bo’s Coffee.


You should try it yourself first and share your experience. Me? I’m definitely going back if I’m going crave burgers again. ✌


Zark’s Burgers

Taft * Katipunan * BF Homes * Eastwood * Citywalk * Venice Piazza * SM North * SM Fairview * SM Bacoor * SM Southmall * SM Sta. Mesa  * Shopwise Arcade * SM Cebu * SM Dasma
Contact Number: (032) 511 7798
Operating Hours: *Depending where the branch is*
Mode of Payment: Cash only