Camp Netanya: Before the Destruction


Camp Netanya Resort and Spa is known as a “Little Santorini of Philippines”. Many resorts nowadays have their own Greek-inspired architecture, one of them is Camp Netanya. Located at Brgy. Ligaya, Mabini Road in Anilao Batangas. 2-3 hours drive away from Manila. Yes, as a Bisaya, I really don’t know how far does Anilao from Manila. Anilao is known as “underwater photographer’s paradise” because it has many dive sites that offers incredible diversity. Anilao has a large number species of corals, fishes and other sea creatures. But because we only had limited time, we didn’t try to check it though.


We arrived 10am and the sun is scorching hot. Luckily, they have unlimited complimentary drinks. After our travel, we decide to eat our lunch first. As in grabe maka “Jenet Jackson”. 🔥💥



Minutes after we arrived in their lobby, we noticed their chandelier is swaying and the floor is shaking. An aftershock hit the place during that time. It was the following quakes that occurred last April 4 that destruct in some parts of Luzon particularly in Batangas.

My friend attempted to seat on one of the chairs then get up again immediately. She couldn’t take too long to sit there.


After our lunch was prepared, I thought they would serve and bring it down near the pool, where we were staying but, we have to go up again at Greeka Restaurant where we will have our lunch.

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What can you say about the view? ♥
Hi Olives! :*
Every details, accessories, the walls, chandeliers down to their plants are Greek-inspired.


April 8, 2017, the day after our visit to the place. A magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck the province on the afternoon. Anilao is near to the epicenter of the quake that caused damage to a building in the resort. See the photos below:

Photos from Ryan Valle

As of now, Camp Netanya Resort and Spa is is now temporarily closed for renovation.


How To Go To Camp Netanya

  1. Ride a bus going to Batangas City. (Bus Terminals with Batangas City Route are found in Cubao or Buendia).
  2. Ask your Bus Driver to drop you off at Batangas Grand Terminal.
  3. Ride a jeepney going to Mabini Batangas and drop off at Anilao Batangas.
  4. Ride a tricycle going to Camp Netanya Brgy Ligaya.

Travel Fare Breakdown

Cubao – Camp Netanya (Php 310)

  • Php 175 / person – Cubao to Batangas Grand Terminal
  • Php 35 / person – Jeepney from Terminal to Anilao
  • Php 100 / way – Tricycle to Camp Netanya

Camp Netanya – Cubao  (Php 316)

  • Php 100/way – Trike from Camp Netanya to Anilao Crossing
  • Php 30/ person – Jeepney to Bauan
  • Php 8/person – Jeepney to Diversion
  • Php 8/person – Tricycle to Batangas Grand Terminal
  • Php 170 / person – Bus to Cubao

Photo Diary: Sohoton Cove | Bucas Grande Island

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We traveled 2 hours boat ride from Jadestar Lodge to Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island. This is where we waited for our number to called after we registered our names from information center.
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As we arrived here, we were so amazed how green and blue the water is. While we stayed in the waiting area, the atmosphere is so serene and calm.
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As we were going to Sohoton’s Jellyfish sanctuary, we passed by those trees above while listening to the jokes of Kuya Boatman 🙂
Two of my bubbly friends. Hi Joe and Lynn! ♥
Jellyfishes under our paddle boat.
As we arrived nearer to the heart of sanctuary, we were welcomed some of the jellies. They are sting-less and friendly jellyfish.
See! But some of my friends told me its just a few. There were months that it is plenty of them in the area.
After visiting Jellyfish sanctuary, we went back to the waiting area. Many people visited the place because it was weekend when we went there.
Going to the other side of Sohoton Cove – we passed by Hagukan Cave and some of my friend jumped at the cliff in the Magkokoob Cave.
Go Jatit! 😀
This place is like a paradise. The water is green and everything is so clean. Hoping the people behind preserving and taking care of the place won’t be tired maintaining the natural resources.

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Photo Diary: Siargao

My view during our travel from Surigao port to Siargao (Dapa Port). It takes 2 to 3 hours, but if you take a RORO shipping, travel takes 3 to 4 hours.
Yay! It is sunny when we arrived at Dapa Port.
Friends arrived at Tayangban Cave pool.
If you enter on that hole, you will pass under the road then get out on the other side of the road.
Road going to Magpupungko Pool.
Coconut trees i love ♥
Magpupungko Pool touchdown!
People enjoying the pool. Actually it is so deep yet it so appealing to dip in.
My partner enjoying it.
Cloud9 boardwalk had a surfing lesson.
The famous Cloud9 Boardwalk
Let’s do this!
Friends surfing.
Wave after wave.
Guyam Island
Guyam Island with Chamie 😀
Naked Island
Our view from Naked Island.
Many people visits Naked Island (not only Naked but also Guyam and Daku) because when we went there it was weekend.
During our visit in Siargao island, we can just sight Guyam island from our room in Jadestar Lodge.

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Hermit’s Cove

Farmhouse in Aloguinsan it is also there Tourism office

Last February, me and my friends went to Aloguinsan in Hermit’s cove. We gathered in South Bus Terminal and we arrived there at 7:00 am in the morning.


Before the habal-habal driver will bring you to Hermit’s cove, you need to stop over in Farmhouse which is also their Tourism office where the people who will go there (also the people going to Hidden Beach and Bojo River) to fill up something and pay registration fee.

The island across Aloguinsan shoreline is the Negros Island

The road going there is kind a scary and dangerous. The road is littered with loose gravel. If you’re driving a motorbike, please take extra caution.

Arrived the place at 7:00am

When we reached there, we need to attend and listen first to the orientation of Manang Odie who is one of the caretakers. Orientation for rules and regulation of the place. After that we paid the entrance fee 100 PHP.

Let’s start the Boodle fight!

When we arrived there, we directly left our things in our cottage and prepared our food. Some of the gang takes a lot pictures and changed clothes.

Tañon Strait

There were “bangkeros” who urged us to have an island hopping for 100 PHP per person. We accepted it and there we went to Tañon Strait. It is 15-20 mins from Hermit’s cove. We didn’t take too long there so we went back to the beach.

There were also selling foods and viands in the place.

IMG_4545According to Manang Odie, Hermit’s cove the place was discovered by a hermit and his name is Tabogon so the name of the barangay is Kantabogon for short for Cebuano phrase, “Kang Tabogon” which means owned by Tabogon.

Hermit’s Cove
Barangay Kantabogon, Aloguinsan, Cebu
Kantabogon Eco-Tourism Association (KEA) – 09235042066
Aloguinsan Municipal Tourism Office – 4699312

Rancho Cancio


Rancho Cancio is a private owned rest house which is situated in Barangay Adlanon, Busay Cebu City and just a few meters away from Ayala Heights. When we arrived there, we felt so relaxed because of the place. It’s so peaceful and tranquil that all you can hear were birds chirping and the owner’s dog howling.

Selfie ta oy!
Selfie ta baa! Artiha oyyyy!
Our first picture when we arrived near the infinity pool
That’s our financer *joke* ☺


I really love the place besides that it’s so relaxing, the view is worth a selfie. Actually, that picture above when I took it, I stood in the edge part of the pool. Yes, while my feet is shaking hahaha! ☺ The place was so cold when we got there since it’s in the mountainous part of Busay. And at night it is colder because it was drizzling that time that most of us off to sleep early after we ate our dinner. The things we didn’t like is the food. Before we went there we have to order our food while during the reservation. They have small servings, especially the rice hahaha! (Rice is life.) Luckily, we brought some snacks, cup noodles and coffee with us. Also the map they sent to us. If you will notice the map you can say that it’s just near Ayala Heights but when we went there it’s far from there. There’s no problem for some of us because we rode in their authorize van but we still have colleagues followed us in the afternoon because they still have work when we checked in.

Finally, he owned the pool


Getting there, from JY Square Mall head to Busay thru Transcentral Highway. You can charter a private van from the resort. The owners can also give direct details on how to get there.

We had this place all to ourselves.

Note: The owner prefers that their contact details should not be posted since they want to maintain their privacy and exclusiveness. So if you have questions or want to make a reservation, you may shoot your message to

Be Happy at BE!


Last November, me and my boyfriend celebrated our first at BE Resort Mactan. We availed of their Day use promo because we had a work on the night that day. It was worth 3487 PHP inclusive of room accommodation, use of resort facilities, set of lunch (appetizer, main course and dessert) and one round of drinks but if without the room accommodation it’s only 899 PHP per pax. When we went there, we were the only customers there. We really own the place. Thank you BE! 😀

We stayed here – BE CHIC. Photo Credits:


The resort is so Instagramable. The colors in their rooms are so cool in the eyes. The place is also clean and cozy.

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This was so unexpected. Honestly, my boyfriend always teases me that he will never give me flowers because its just a waste of money but there “TADA”!

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Most of the furniture in the resort are creations of famous Cebuano Mr. Kenneth Cobonpue.


About his verdict? He was also happy how we celebrated our day. Hi lablab! ♥


Be Resort gives a tropical feeling and a budget  friendly than other resorts that I’ve been. Its simplicity and elegance made me decide to certainly go back here and try to stay for a night. Maybe this summer? How about you? What’s your plan this summer?


Be Resort Mactan

Punta Engaño Mactan Lapu-Lapu Cebu, 6015
Phone Number/s: +63 32.236.8888
Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Card

City of Pines – Baguio City



After our Ilocandia Adventure, we directly went to the City of Pines – BAGUIO! From Vigan to Baguio is 4 hours and 30 minutes land travel. We left Vigan at 3 in the afternoon. As usual in the van we just took some rest. We stayed in Callalily Pension House and Apartment for 2 days and 2 nights. Our room was nice, it’s an apartment-like roomOur room has 4 beds and many extra mattresses. You can cook and they have also a small kitchen and a balcony to the pines outside.

Friends for keeps ♥

Two of our friends didn’t join our tour for our first day in Baguio because the girl was not feeling well probably because of the weather condition. So they just stayed in our apartment.

Day 1 of our Baguio escapade started going to La Presa. Yes, in La Presa. We traveled 30 minutes from Baguio Cathedral. I noticed there were many people in Baguio then they have also a version of their traffic yet you are safe in crossing in pedestrian lanes. Good drivers!

Familiar isn’t it? Actually it’s Agnes (Liza Soberano)’ house in drama series “Forevermore”

When we went to La Presa, I’m so happy because there were not so many people visiting there not like what I have seen from some photos maybe its because of the weather. There were so many stalls selling souvenirs, foods, and shirts anywhere in the place.

When you want to take a picture wearing the Igorot costume you have to pay 20php.
The actual name of Sitio La Presa is Sitio Pongayan.

After La Presa, we went downside in Fort Gen Gregorio H. Del Pilar. It’s known as PMA Academy. When I was young I want to be an army. I don’t know why maybe its because I’m too much addicted watching action animes and movies before. Yea that’s me! 😉 but my mom said that girls weren’t allowed there. Hayst.

If you want to go to PMA Academy, you have to wear closed shoes for the men and strappy sandals for women. Slippers and short shorts were not allowed if you want to tour inside the academy. The place was so quiet. Yes, because it’s an academy of our future armies and they had also classes on going even if that time was Sunday. We were so late when we went there, we’re not able to watch their formations. 😦 The students were so disciplined. When they passed by and walked outside their rooms, they were so silent. Even if we took pictures with them, they were so silent.

Philippine Military Academy – Melchor Hall
Fort Gen Gregorio H. Del Pilar Field

After in PMA Academy, we went also to Bell Church, Camp John Hay and Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad. This was the first time I tasted strawberries. I thought it tasted sweet, but I was wrong. It was so sour. I’d rather eat the ice cream and “taho” than the fruit itself. Then we also went to Burnham Park. We stroll, we rode a trike because I don’t know how to drive bikes and we tried also row a boat.

Bell Church
We just took a selfie outside Butterfly Sanctuary.
Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad
Strawberry you like?
How about strawberry ice cream?
or the strawberry Taho? ♥
Row row the boat at Burnham Park
Pool of Pines – Wright Park

Ending our day 1 tour in Session Road, we ate our dinner in Mang Inasal, SM Baguio. Because of my craziness, I really asked one of the guards in the mall do they still turned on the air conditioners inside the mall. The Kuyang Guard just laughed at me. HAHAHAHA! After our dinner we went to Night Market in Harrison Road.  They have lots of varieties there from street foods, ukay – ukay, souvenirs, and flowers. For me, this was my cheapest ukay-ukay experienced. I saw 3 for 50 PHP sweaters. Big traveler bag for 50 PHP and they’re also their RTW’s way cheaper than mall prices.

The Mansion

Our Day 2 in Baguio and our last day, we woke up early and ate our breakfast in 7/11 store. There were so many 7/11 stores around Baguio. Our first stop was in The Mansion, we didn’t take so long there. We just took a picture near the gate. One of their guards is a Cebuano. We were shocked he suddenly asked us, “Taga Cebu mo? Taga Labangon bya ko.” Wow! Then after the photo op we crossed the street, then took a picture of the famous Pool of Pines in Wright Park. Wright Park is just fronting the main gate of The Mansion. Riding ponies are the most favorite among people but not for me. I feel pity for them.

Mines View Park

As our last day, we bought some souvenirs in Mines View Park. Because most of the people usually recommend to buy souvenirs there because it’s cheaper than the other, but a trip to Baguio will never be complete without bringing home ube and strawberry jams from Good Shepherd and it’s near in Mines View Park. We also had a quick visit at Baguio Botanical Garden and took a selfie with those Igorot Lolas ✌.

Peace yo nigga! ✌
Last family picture together with the Lolas

Before we leave Baguio, our guide brought us in Good Taste Cafe and Restaurant for our lunch. We’re a little bit doubt of possible prices of their food because the ambiance was like a restaurant in a hotel. Yet when we were checking their menu me and my boyfriend ordered Beef Curry Rice and Fried Rice with Chicken for him and iced teas. Then when our orders arrived, were so shocked of their big servings that we paid 200+ for us two. You should also try their famous chopsuey and buttered chicken.

Lion’s Head – Kennon Road

Lastly, a tour to Baguio won’t be complete without photo op with the Lion’s Head in Kennon Road. Just beside the lion head are a few small stalls of selling woodcarvings and other handicrafts.

Baguio offers a lot of attractions and destinations that promotes its heritage and its indigenous culture. The place is highly-urbanized. Yet they still epitomize it’s culture by representing it though traditions that are celebrated through festivities and maintaining its culture as a part of their modern society. I hope people can save it from becoming a congested tourism.

Thank you Baguio! ✌

Olango Island Cebu: Part II


Good morning beach! How lovely it is to wake up to this kind of view. After we ate our breakfast we prepared for our next activity, which is going to Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary!




When we went to the bird sanctuary, we just walked because we thought it is near but still we pursue to go there.



(fishes, fishes, fishes)


I was kind a bit discouraged because we just saw 1-3 kinds of birds that which are not so new to me. The guide told us it’s because most of the birds migrating on the place during September to December and if you really want to watch more birds try bringing binoculars or scopes. Adding more tip, as expected to be exposed in a direct sunlight, same with what we experienced do wear comfortable clothing and consider a cap or hat. Lastly, bring sufficient supply of drinking water.

We went back again to our resort after birding. This time we rode a tricycle. Believe it or not we were 11 people, but we never thought that we fitted in one tricycle.


We went back to the resort; we directly rode a boat going to the island. The crew at the resort were the ones associating the boat for us. Thanks Kuya! 🙂


The travelling time from the resort to the island is 10-15 minutes. Tada!




Actually, that was the first time I swam in Blue Ocean. I’m scared because I don’t really know how to swim. Good thing my friends really encourage me to try one because it’s just a waste of time if I just stay on the boat and just watch them enjoying it.




 Nalusuan Island Resort in overall was expensive even if we just went there for snorkelling but still the guards told us to pay 200 PHP. Yet I enjoyed watching and swimming with fishes and other sea creatures. It really giggles me every time colorful fishes joined me and it makes me feel like I’m Ariel in Little Mermaid or probably Dyesebel (LOL). I borrowed the underwater cam of my colleague and capture some underwater moments.

How was my underwater photography skill? Is it okay or no? 😦

For more information:

Nalusuan Island Resort & Marine Sanctuary
Olango Reef Cordova Mactan, Cebu, Philippines 6017
Resort Phone #:  (032) 516-6432
Mobile #: (00)(63) 9173221033 / 9255565610

Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary
San Vicente, Olango, Lapu-Lapu City Philippines
Contact Mobile Numbers: +63 915 386 2314 / +63 928 713 0117


Olango Island Cebu: Part I

Last April 18 – 19, 2015 we went to Olango Islands together with my friends in the office. We met at the Parkmall Terminal to ride a jeep going to Punta Engaño Pier. Then we took a ferry there going to Olango Island. The fare going to the island is 15 pesos with a 1 peso terminal fee and the travel time is 10-15 minutes. Upon arriving in Sta. Rosa Pier in Olango we were fetched by a van going to the Olango Paradise Island Resort.

Touch down!



As we put down our bags in our Safari-themed room, we ate our lunch. Actually, you can bring your own food, but you have to pay the corkage.


When we finished our lunch, it’s our time to dip in to the beach, but during the afternoon we don’t know that in Olango their beaches gets low tide earlier than our beaches in Cebu so we decided to go to the San Vicente Olango Marine Sanctuary. The fish sanctuary is just beside our resort.




Even if it’s low tide, we still capture those creatures.




(San Vicente Olango Fish Sanctuary)

Pictorial together with the sunset.




As we went back to our resort, we sat down to the bean bags and continue to watch the sunset til staying for our dinner.



We waited until 11pm just to take a dip into the beach yet still the water was still low. So we decided to take a bath and off to sleep because we were also tired that we don’t have yet sleep after work. Good night 🙂

Olango Paradise Island Resort is a secluded and isolated place where most of the people are always used to be in a busy environment. It definitely caters the needs for those seeking for peace and solitude. This is just one of those places I won’t bother returning. It is still worth a visit!

For more information:

Olango Paradise Island Resort
San Vicente, Olango Island, Lapu Lapu City
Contact Number: +639266681788 or +639276959888
E-mail Address:
Parking: Yes
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card