LifeDance 2016


Every year before Sinulog festival, there were many events lined-up and one of it was Lifedance. Last January 2016 was our first time me and my friends to attend one. We had plans before to attend, but you know most of us were so busy with our life. And here it is, we really did it!


LifeDance, the country’s first ever outdoor EDM Party, kicked off its premiere event in Cebu; drawing an enormous number of people to the Boardwalk Complex last May 26, 2012. This was followed by another on January 18, 2013 dubbed as Life Dance Sinulog: Circus of Life and May 25, 2013 entitled Life Dance Wicked Summer. Life Dance is inspired by renowned dance parties around the world such as Tomorrowland, Zoukout, Sensation, ULTRA and Coachella that have garnered a huge following over the years.

We had just drank one plastic cup of beer which cost 100 PHP,  but before we went to the event we drank in 7/11 near to the venue.
Photo op with Korean party pips! 😀


We arrived 10:00 pm at the venue and as expected, there were already tons of people gathered there. Most of them were already wasted, but still hype with the rave. When we arrived, it was Tom Swoon already on the stage.

Right after Tom Swoon, was the most awaited DJ. It’s DJ Snake! Yes, DJ Snake. That time I’m so excited to watch him because of his song Middle with collaboration with Bipolar Sunshine.


The people were so insane. They danced and sung their hearts out as DJ Snake played his songs with matching fireworks on the side. Of course me too, I sang along when Middle was played. I love this song because it’s so smooth and chill to hear. It’s so calm that it fits to listen during cold summer nights.

I took a video of my favorite part of the song and the people too enjoyed it *sorry for my interrupting voice* ☺

LifeDance Sinulog 2016
 is co-presented by FOX, Star World, FOX Filipino, Channel V Philippines and Smart. For more updates, check out the event’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Don’t forget to add to your social media posts the hashtags #LifeDanceCebu


My Epic Valentines for Him ♥

Every Valentines’ Day, me and my other half used to give gifts and dinner date anywhere. My bf doesn’t want me to give something for him I don’t know why. HAHAHAHAHA! But usually when I give gifts to him I give it in an epic and funny way. Like for instance, last Christmas I gave him a Bluetooth speaker. I asked his sister to set it up on his room, then he suddenly arrived and entered into his room, his sister played the Minion song (Bababananana!) and to his surprise, he found a Xmas card in the box of the speaker. Then, he immediately thinks of me. He really knew me a lot. Yes that’s me. Crazy huh?


This is the MC JIM classic leather long wallet, I gave to him.

First, on thinking how will I give it to him. I search a lot. I thought of following Ching’s idea on her blog, but I had so little time. So I used the free pitcher which I won in an event in SM Cebu. HAHAHAHA!

Pictures below shows how I troll my guy:

I wrapped the wallet with a paper napkin from Jollibee. It still smells good because of the scent of french fries. Yay!
When I put the wrapped wallet in the pitcher and put some trash papers and napkins inside it.
Posting an effortless sticky note. Effortless indeed 😀


I’m done! Problem here is how will I set this up to surprise him.



Presto! His team lead helped me because he had a rest day over time during Valentines’. He’s the one who kept and put the pitcher in my boyf’s station.

After our date in Anzani, he directly went to work, then he saw the pitcher in his station. He immediately asked me why pitcher? How will I use this? He really didn’t open it right away because he’s still figuring out on why did I give him a pitcher? HAHAHAHAHAHA! Later on when he opened it, he’s so happy that he will be having a new wallet.

One of the most epic slash fun slash prank I tried to him. HAHAHAHA! How about you? How you guys celebrated the Hearts day? How was it? Me? Well its obvious I really had fun when I’m with him. *Tsar!* ♥

Happy Valentines’ Day! ♥