Cafe Racer Diner


Cafe Racer Diner is a great place for those who love everything about food and automobile. We were so amazed on how they conceptualize the place to look vintage automobile-inspired. It is situated along a strip at the North Reclamation Area in Mandaue City. If you’re coming from SM City Cebu, it’s just right after Amnezia Superclub. Actually the place is used to be a Jetti Gasoline Station.


(Photo by: Cebu Daily News)

As we arrived, me and my boyfriend was confused on where will be staying. You can choose whether in indoor dining area and outdoor grilling station area. Then suddenly it drizzled so we choose inside the restaurant.


The indoor dining area was so “instagrammable”. From their beautiful and unique chairs made out of oil barrels, vintage Volkswagen van as a cashier area, old license plates used as table tops and few automobile tools are displayed on the wall.

While in the outdoor grilling station area, they have Volkswagen beetle turned into a coal griller, they have also unique gas pump that fills a pitcher of beer, and some tables are made of the car’s hood.



We tried their Double Patty Burger Steak (180php), Baked Back Ribs (160php), Iced Cafe Latte (80php), Coca-Cola Float (85php) and Banana Split (120php) for the desserts.


Cafe Racer Diner is a fine place for chilling with your bunch of friends, a date for your loved ones and an enjoyable meal with your family.


Cafe Racer Diner

North Reclamation Area Mandaue City Cebu
Contact Number: (032) 511 7798
Operating Hours: 11:00AM -2:00AM Daily
Parking: Yes
Mode of Payment: Cash/ Card


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